Published on 07/17/2018 11:06 am
Buy the Sauna Stove that Best Suits You

Choose the sauna stove from the different types of sauna stoves available that best suits you

Thinking of buying sauna stove? But confused which one to buy? Investment on sauna must be made carefully as it is expensive. Knowing which sauna is best suited for you is the key factor that makes sauna buying relatively easier for you. Have a look at the various sauna stoves available and choose the right one accordingly.

Wood Sauna Stoves:

Wood sauna stoves are the original and traditional sauna type. In these stoves wood is burnt in the stoves to heat up the sauna. The requisite temperature is reached by controlling the amount of fire in the stove. The humidity of the sauna is controlled by throwing some water on the heated rocks.

Wood Sauna Stove

Electric Sauna Stoves:

Today, electric sauna stoves are widely used. These are available since 1950s. Electric alternatives are safe, stylish, efficient and easy to use. Often these electric saunas are controlled by remote controls.


Smoke Sauna Stoves:

 Smoke sauna has a big wood-burning stove and it doesn’t have chimneys unlike other saunas. Such type of saunas are rarely found today as they take many hours by burning a lot of wood to heat the massive rock.

Steam Sauna Stoves:

Humidity level of steam sauna room is 100% and the temperature is much lower than the traditional saunas. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat reaching the level of 49 degrees Celsius.

Infrared Sauna Stoves:

This system is based on the person’s body heat rather than on the air heating. Water is not used in infrared sauna rooms hence experiencing the steamy sauna is not possible. This type of sauna is good for toning muscles and relaxing the body.


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