Published on 12/12/2018 7:07 am
The Significance of Sauna Buckets in Sauna

The sauna takes you back around thousands of years and was invented in Finland. Still, it remains the number one Finnish pastime. But little has changed over the years in sauna bathing technique as it continues to deliver amazing health benefits for its millions of users. In the recent years, DIY sauna kits have become quite popular – mainly because of ease of installation and affordability.

However, the sauna is a unique room where both humidity and heat are utilized to create an environment that makes the body to sweat. One of the most features in every sauna is the sauna buckets. They are utilized to store water in the sauna. This water is used as a tool for different things that occur in the saunas:

  • As a bather, you can ladle water gently from the sauna bucket on to rocks to produce humidity or stream. According the Finnish saunas, it is called loyly which can be translated as spirit, breath and soul.
  • You can use the water in the sauna bucket to cool the body. If you pour colder water from the sauna buckets on to yourself, it will help you minimize body temperature.
  • The water from the sauna bucket is utilized to keep the hair damp. The hot environment of sauna can damage hair, if you don’t keep it moist. You should keep the hair damp to prevent any damage and support in proper hair growth.
  • When you apply the water from the sauna buckets, the sauna will open the skin pores and start the sweating procedure. Water will help you start sweating quickly. It’s the process of sweating that offers the health benefits.
  • More often water is applied to the sauna walls to cool off them before sitting down. The water is ladled from the sauna bucket to the space where you will be sitting. This way, you can keep the wood clean and prevent any burning of the skin when the sauna is too hot.
  • At the end of the sauna session, some bathers pour the entire contents of sauna buckets all over their body. This rinses off the sweat and cools down your body so that upon exiting the sauna they don’t start perspiring.

Final Consideration –

As more and more numbers of people become familiar with the benefits of sauna, home installation have become more popular day after day. The beauty of a home sauna is that it can be installed anywhere – in the basement, bedroom, bathroom, home gym, garden or outdoor.

Whatever type of sauna you choose, the advantages of a sauna make the purchase and installation worthwhile. As you can see the sauna bucket is a must for any sauna enthusiast. They are available in many different shapes and sizes as well as come with a complementing ladle for water dispersion, make sure that the ladle has a long shaft so that you can apply water on the sauna without a steam burn.

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